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Drone Training

TSAA Drone Academy

Telang ana State Aviation Academy (TSAA) formerly known as Andhra Pradesh Aviation Academy has been in the Indian Aviation panorama since 1932 and has been contributing to the development of Aviation in domains such as Commercial Pilot License Training, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Training, M. Sc. Aviation Academic Training. Having synchronized to the emerging technological up-gradation, TSAA has proven itself as a world-class Aviation Training Institution and attracting the attention of students/organizations from various place s of India and the World. TSAA has been awarded the best performance flying training organization by Aero Club of India/Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, New Delhi in a row for the past 1 0 consecutive years.

TSAA, the pioneer of Aviation training has now stepped into UAVs/RPVs training. As a qualified flying training organization, we plan to train the UAVs/RPVs Pilots to the best possible standards.

UAVs include both drones and remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs. UAVs are tackling everything from disease control to vacuuming up ocean waste to delivering pizza, and more. According to forecasts, the emerging global market for business services using drone s is valued at over $127B. As more companies look to capitalize on these commercial opportunities, investment into the drone continues to grow.

With the rising accessibility of drone s, many of the most dangerous and High-paying jobs within the commercial sector are ripe for displacement by drone technology. The use cases for safe, cost-effective solutions range from data collection to delivery. And as autonomy and collision –avoidance technologies improve, so too will drone s’ ability to perform increasingly complex tasks.

 “Having aspirations is nice, fulfilling the mis-exhilarating. Keep your eyes on the stars; keep your feet on the ground, then join us for the drone flying and you can make it the crown to y our profession”

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  • Date: 3 November 2020
  • Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm